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“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

–Theodore Roosevelt

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Dr. Tim Kelly, DC, BCN

Qualifications & Accreditations

Dr. Tim Kelly, a native of Greenville, SC, pursued his education at Life University College for Chiropractic. His passion for improving patient health and well-being has been a driving force throughout his career. Beyond his professional endeavors, Dr. Kelly finds joy in boating, fishing, and traveling.

Our dedicated team shares Dr. Kelly's commitment to patient-centric care. Prioritizing genuine relief, we thrive on assisting individuals who have previously sought solutions elsewhere without success. Every team member embodies a genuine love for people, recognizing that compassionate care is integral to our mission.

Step into our office, and you'll immediately sense a difference. We're not just another clinic; our relentless pursuit of solutions for persistent conditions has driven us to embrace cutting-edge technology. Patients often travel from far and wide, drawn by treatment options that are unparalleled in efficacy and availability. For over two decades, our unwavering dedication remains focused on providing the best possible care for each individual we serve.

How It All Started

In The Beginning...

I was stuck in a dead-end job, living with a bunch of bartenders, and watching my life go nowhere. I knew I needed a change, but I didn't know where to turn.

Years earlier, I had gone with a friend to see his chiropractor. At first, I thought these people were crazy - they talked a different language and seemed like a weird, religious cult. I backed away, thinking I'd never get involved with something so strange.

But then, at my lowest point, my friend called me. He was in chiropractic school and insisted I come check it out. "These people aren't as crazy as you thought," he said. "It's pretty cutting-edge stuff."

It was a moment of epiphany. I knew I had to make a change, and this was my chance.

I enrolled in chiropractic school, but I was skeptical. When teachers talked about how adjustments could help with things like blood pressure, I sat in the back, thinking, "Bullsh*t." But then, some friends invited me on a mission trip to Panama, saying, "If you want to see what chiropractic is, you need to do this."

That trip changed everything.

We adjusted entire gymnasiums full of people. The president and first lady shut the country down for us. Lines stretched for miles, with people bringing every disease imaginable. They valued what we were doing so much, and it made me realize: this wasn't just about neck pain. This was about changing lives.

I came back a changed man. I took my studies seriously, knowing that I could truly help people. But I still felt stuck, unable to make the changes I wanted in my practice.

Then, in September 2021, my office burned down.

It was a devastating blow, but it was also an opportunity. I was able to rebuild my practice into the vision I'd always had, with the best equipment and protocols in the field. It was a complete reboot.

Around that time, I attended a conference where an expert walked on stage. This redneck seemed to lay things out in simple terms, and when he asked who had bad shoulders, I raised my hand. I had been suffering from frozen shoulder for months, unable to even lift a cup of coffee.

In one minute, he unlocked my frozen shoulder. And then he said something that stuck with me: "I'm going to teach you guys how to fix your patients chronic pain that nobody else can fix. And I guarantee less than 1% of you will actually show up to learn what I have to say."

I was one of the only ones who showed up. And that's when I learned the step-by-step process to determine the root cause of chronic pain - things like frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, and peripheral neuropathy.

Now, we see people come in on walkers and canes, people who have lost all hope.

They've been told they can't even have a knee replacement, and they see themselves in a downward spiral. But when we do a trial treatment and watch them run down the hall, there's laughing, there's crying - it's the most rewarding thing in the world.

This transformation has allowed my practice to grow and I get to do what I love: care for patients. 

With the technology and equipment we have now, there's very little that comes through our door that we can't help.

It's an incredible feeling, knowing that we can handle just about anything. And it all started with a moment of epiphany, a devastating fire, and the decision to learn from someone who had the answers I needed.

If I hadn't figured out how to serve my patients at a higher level, who knows where I'd be? Probably still stuck in that dead-end job, watching my life pass me by.

But instead, I'm living my purpose, helping people who had lost all hope, and that makes everything worth it.

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